06-29-11 Day Three, Please Shoot Me!

Day three was driving from Missouri to New Mexico. We went through Oklahoma, but had to stop there due to the UHaul smoking from the oil spilling out of the bottom of the truck. Fun! While we were addressing that mess in some cruddy strip mall area, my car’s AC went on the fritz, and Alex had to run into Wal Fart to buy some shit to put into the air condition unit. Then the car started knocking. The compressor was trying to kick on, or something. I don’t know, but my dog started to overheat and I had to put ice on his stomach to stop his hyper panting. When he didn’t move from the cold ice, I knew he was in trouble. Poor dog. The heat and humidity was terrible in Oklahoma. I put Ozzy in Dominic’s van to cool off. It worked. Meanwhile my car stopped knocking enough to get the hell out of there. We drove the truck with the oil spilling out and smoking as there was nothing else we could do, short of waiting for another truck to load again. No fucking way. Alex started to get aggravated at the prospect of that. “Even if UHaul was responsible and must load the new truck, do you really want them flinging your shit all over the place?”, Alex said. He was right. We drove on. Fuck UHaul. We’ll drive this bitch into the ground. Piece of shit truck. I named it UDawg.

Scott drove my car with Kirsten while I was with Alex in Dominic’s van Ozzy was happy to sit on my lap. Tim and Aleisha were in the smoking UDawg. We finally made it to some small town called Tucumcari in New Mexico. It had a great breakfast place. I haven’t been eating dinner at night these last few days. We arrive so late at night, it just isn’t worth it. I do look forward to breakfast every morning though, especially the coffee.

A whole lot of hot dirt.

Ozzy at Motel 6 in Tucumcari

Ozzy chewing a cow hoof in his crate at night.

Waiting for you in Tucumcari!


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