06-30-11 Arrival, but not without a hitch!

Gilbert Apartment Complex

We drove all day through New Mexico and Arizona. Then we stopped because Kirsten wanted to use the bathroom. Hell, we all did. She was just the first one to ask for a pit-stop. We were trying to get the last day over with, but each day seemed longer than the last one. I gassed up my car and when I came back outside from using the rest room, everyone was just standing there waiting for me. I asked them if they gassed up. Scott said he’d wait until we got to Flagstaff. Hmmm..okay. Well, ten minutes later we were stuck on the road, as he ran out of gas,. Just when you think it can’t get any worse. Scott was shaking his head when we pulled off the highway. His whole face deflated, and when he told me he ran out of gas, I just about bit through my tongue. It was there that I wanted to open the UHaul truck and start selling my shit on the roadside for a plane ticket back to rainy Connecticut. Scott went to get gas in one of the vehicles with Alex, and when he came back with one 5 gallon gas can, I just about flipped out. I screamed at Kirsten that 5 gallons of gas was a fart to this UHaul truck!  The truck wouldn’t start. Of course not. What did I just say? Well, when Scott left to get gas for the second time, I said, “get two gas cans or we’ll be doing this all night!” I felt bad for Scott. The gauge in the UHaul gave him no warning. It went from 1/4 tank to nothing. Gotta love UDawg! Scott was totally spent after that, but like a trooper, he drove that piece of shit truck through the scariest downhill roads where the speed limit was 75 miles per hour. Arizona has a speed limit like they have a recycling program, meaning not at all. Go as  fast as you like, and if it’s downhill and in a huge truck, drive faster and kill your the dude in the next lane. No problem. What the fuck! I watched Scott fly down those hills in complete darkness while people passed us at the speed of light. I saw Sedona with its beautiful trees, but Flagstaff  was a blur. It took until 10:30pm before we finally reached Gilbert, Arizona. We were now just in time for the record-breaking heat wave. Oh yes. Sorry. no pictures of this day as I was picking my stomach lining off the highway.


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