07-09-11 Settling In To My New Digs

We arrived on July 1st, 2011. After unpacking and arranging furniture, I started to settle in my apartment. Ozzy is also adapting quite well, though he does bark at shadows and objects now. I think he’s just getting used to the place. I tried to get Ozzy’s license, but Maricopa County is quite the pain in the ass about contacting. Good luck talking to a human being. I thought I had his license all set by purchasing it online, but then they sent me a letter requiring his neuter and rabies paperwork. Oh, and they charged me more money. Anyway, getting paperwork in order is not fun in a move. I tried to keep everything organized, and luckily I haven’t run into too many issues, but the paperwork is there to deal with in any move, just the same. Dealing with Qwest Internet wasn’t too bad, but Qwest, and Direct TV cable was a pain in the ass. They tried numerous times to get me to agree to a 12 or 24 month contract. I told them I didn’t know if I’d be in Arizona after 6 months, and didn’t want a contract. Besides, my apartment complex has the cable contract and a set fee for basic cable, which is all I wanted. I am supposedly on a month-to-month payment, but my paperwork mysteriously disappeared and trying to get another copy is like trying to see the president of the United States in person. I hate Direct TV and DON’T recommend it to anyone. Ever. Our (Dominic and me), biggest complaint is hooking up cable TV and internet. Dominic had more issues than I did though. Poor guy.

Ozzy seems to be doing fine. We had Egg Day on Sunday at Diane’s apartment. Ozzy has been over to that apartment daily and cries now to go there. Bastard!

Ozzy in Frog Dog Position.


Hot Cement and Bright Light


Relaxing 07-09-11

I haven’t been in the pool at our complex yet as it’s quite warm during the day. I haven’t worked out in about 20 days either due to the move and trying to get used to the heat. I find I get very lethargic. All of us are experiencing back pain, which I think is dehydration related. I am drinking a lot of water. Maybe I should drink more? My ankles ache too, as do my arches.


Nighttime at the Apartment Complex

Pool At Night

Wading in Pool

Diane walks ahead while I trip over my shadow taking pictures.

We have found our way to Apple Computer as it’s in the San Tan Mall, about 2 miles away. Nothing but shopping in this planned community. The streets are a grid, and the land is flat. It’s desert with shopping plunked down in the middle of it. A few days after we arrived, the biggest sandstorm in many years hit us. Haboob!

Big Haboob!

So, we’re doing well here, though the heat is like a blow dryer blasting in our faces. Once our blood thins, we should be fine according to the locals. Heck, I’ve seen people wearing pants, and long sleeve shirts in this. Yikes!


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