07-12-11 My Poor Subaru!

Like Brand New!

She is Fixed!

My Parking Space

On July 6th, I had to bring my car into a local dealership, (recommended by Scott), to have my Subaru checked out. The car was still knocking and it was the air compressor trying to kick on. I had to replace the condenser, compressor, and have the whole thing flushed. the engine was compromised a bit due to all of the loose bits of sludge from my broken car. I had a fog lamp out, and needed an oil change. My cross-country move cost me another $1958 in replacing all of that. I talked to an ex-mechanic who works as manager at my apartment complex, and the two mechanics at the shop. All three said to keep the car, that it had another 100k in her, and it would cost a lot more for a new vehicle. I agree. It would cost me at the very least 16k-20k for a small car to replace this Subaru. I love my little beat up shit box. I’ve replaced sensors, the brain, brake pads, tires, timing belt, and more in this car. It’s brand new now with the air conditioning unit! I picked up my car in a few days, and they had it washed, waxed and vacuumed. I’ve never seen it this clean. LOL!

Since then a storm has hit with high winds and some rain. The pictures show the dusty dirt on my hood. Oh well.


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