Motor Vehicle Department

Today I left the apartment early to go to the MVD in Mesa. (We called it DMV in Connecticut. They do here, depending on the services offered.) The MVD offers more services, I do believe. Correct me if I’m wrong? Anyway, I stood in the information line for 5 minutes, before getting a ticket which brought me to a desk numbered 8 with a woman to help me get my license. She took my old license, and my paperwork which I found online at the DMV, and she proceeded to set things up for my license. She forgot to add that I had a motorcycle license, but we’ll get into that later. She handed off my paperwork to the license photographer. I waited on a bench. He took my picture. I waited for the photo. While at desk number 8, I had my title changed to Arizona. With that came a 3 day permit I had to purchase as my plates were no longer valid after that. Thanks, DMV, MVD.


Anyway, after getting my license, and keeping my older one with an added punch hole, I went 4 miles via my Garmin to an Emissions Center. I waited in my car for 15 minutes before having it inspected. It passed. I paid a little over $27 for 2 years. I brought that paperwork back to MVD, and that’s when they issued my new license plate (1), and registration. I spent over $130+ for a 2 year registration and the plate. I think the license cost $15 due to my age. The three day permit was a negligible amount. Worth it in case my car didn’t pass, which according to Arizona residents, is hard to fail. If it drives, it passes. Cool! While getting my new registration, I happened to ask about my license, if it included the Motorcycle status (which I had in CT), as well. Nope. The woman at Desk 20 something had to correct the mistake of the younger woman at desk 8, (who forgot to state that I had a CT motorcycle license), and then I had to fork over seven more dollars. I then proceeded to the License photographer again. Luckily due to liking my old picture on my license, I was able to keep it, hence proving that I indeed had a motorcycle license status, and not having to go through the testing again. The whole process took almost 3 hours. I would suggest getting the emissions testing done before going to MVD. It saves a lot of running around. I have my new plate, registration and license. The MVD was very efficient, and this would have taken longer if they weren’t so organized. Whew! That’s done!

Arizona License Plate


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