Getting drilled at dentist. It’s my first dentist visit in Arizona. I was due for my 6 month cleaning. They did the whole X-Ray thing, checking the gums and then found two cavities. So while I had menstrual cramps, and was lying  in the chair hoping not to fart and soil myself, I was getting drilled by my new dentist. When the drill noise hit my brain, it was like a woman screaming and it was all I could do from not panicking and screaming myself. I hate getting cavities filled. I have an overwhelming fear of the drill. I’d rather get a tattoo on my twat than get drilled in the chair.

I have to say that the overall experience was much better than in Connecticut, although a much more laid back, (meaning slow) process. In Connecticut, the dentist I had was very fast. One thing though, he never gave me the choice of the type of filling I would want, and that truly pisses me off. The fillings he used will have to be replaced in a few years. I’m sure the reason why he didn’t offer me the choice is that my Dental Plan wouldn’t pay for it, but hell, I was working and could pay for it out of pocket. The Arizona dentist, and that whole experience was much nicer. I was offered a choice of fillings. I chose the fillings that would last for years and years. What is the point of having a dental plan if they don’t pay for the better filling? I will have to go back and have it done again which ends up costing more. Also, what is with the dentists in Connecticut charging for digital X-Rays? they don’t charge for them here in Arizona. Hmmm…I’m thinking I’m getting ripped off! The long process took almost 3 hours from beginning to end due to my being a new patient. The fillings took longer as they have them molded right there on the premises, as opposed to mashing the crappy filling in my mouth and sealing through heat, (which shrinks them a tad and allows bacteria to enter, thereby making them INFERIOR! Hello?) Okay, I’m done bitching. I am PMS-ing after all.


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