Monsoon Season & Dust Storms

We’ve been having a few storms, not too many, but we had a doozy thunderstorm last night. One thing I didn’t know was an ailment called Valley Fever. A Golden Retriever in my apartment complex contracted it. He has lost a lot of weight and, and looks like death warmed over. It’s terrible. Apparently all of the construction sites kicking up the top layer of earth, and the dust storms followed by rainstorms can send this fungus into the air for anyone to breathe in. Sun City and Sunrise Arizona have a higher incident of cases. The elderly get it, especially the transplants from other states. Symptoms can be very mild to nothing for people with good immune systems, to sick in bed for months, or even death. The Mayo Clinic has good information on this, as does website. Once you get it, it stays dormant inside you forever. WTF! Are you kidding me? I don’t have enough shit to worry about? I thought I was getting away from the dreaded Lyme Diseased ticks in Connecticut, and now I have to worry about a fucking fungus?

Well, I took a picture of the clouds and have a video link (pending) of the storm. I risked my life breathing in dust, so my blog readers ( one reader at best), can see professional footage. LOL! Click on the picture to get a larger view. WordPress is new to me, and the larger picture got cut in half. I think they want people to pay for their blog. eBlogger is easier for me, but I can do posts from my iPhone with this blog. It’s not intuitive though.

Here is the VIDEO LINK to the short video I made of the dark clouds and lightening, just before the downpour.



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