The Coffee Shop

My sister Diane, Ozzy, and I went to this place called “The Coffee Shop” right down the street from our apartment complex. It’a about one mile, I think. Anyway, they are right next to Joe’s farm Grill, which is excellent too. The Coffee Shop serves breakfast and lunch along with fabulous cupcakes, a few other desserts and awesome coffees and tea. I had a Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee, which was more like a milkshake. It had whipped cream on it, which I shared with Ozzy. The place is dog friendly in that you can sit out back at the tables which overlook the garden of roses and other plants. This whole area is actually a working farm that Joe owns, and his family owned for years, (since the 1960s I think). He has created a community of homes called Agritopia, along with Joe’s Farm Grill. I do believe The Coffee Shop has a different owner. It’s my new favorite place to hang out. they have free WiFi too. We could walk to this place! It reminds me of Northampton on a sunny day. 🙂


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