Sue Visits

Riparian Preserve

Diane & Ozzy walking the trail

Ozzy and Cactus

Diane & Ozzy

Old West Sepia Toned Cactus

Hipstamatic Cactus

Sue had fun and enjoyed her visit. I didn’t get too many pictures. Sue loves Arizona and wants to move here. I think she should come back in the summer and see if that is still the case. She may just change her mind. LOL! Sue lives in Boston, which is expensive, but she’s close to public transportation and has tons of culture. Here in Gilbert, Arizona, you have to drive everywhere for that sort of thing. Phoenix and Scottsdale are the closest, around 30 plus minutes away. I haven’t really checked out either yet. We are so busy just trying to make ends meet and I’m buying a home so my money is gone, (what little I had of it.) Diane & I will be packing her apartment to move at the end of this month. She is moving to Chandler with Dominic. It’s 6 miles away, which isn’t too bad. Ozzy won’t be happy with that though. It’s the first time he’s been away from the family. He already runs to their apartment from mine, and that’s only a few feet away!

Sue & Diane helped me pick out the exterior color scheme for a house I’m having built by Encore on Higley Park. I decided it was time to invest in a home. Hopefully I will lock in around February at a low rate. Cross your fingers!

Tree in my future front yard

Sue visited for 4 days this week. We went shopping at World Market and took a tour at the Olive Mill in Queen Creek. We had lunch at the Olive Mill which was delicious. They have a cute gift shop with their Olive Oils and stuff made from olive oil. I picked up a few lip balms and their Tuscany Estate Olive Oil. Last time I bought the olive oil with chocolate. Yum! You can put that on your oatmeal or use it for cooking. The tour was interesting and I bought some of their fresh olives to eat. They are a bright green and taste like those nasty black olives, which I found out are soaked in Lye!

Olive Mill Gifts

Olive Mill Cafe

Diane at Olive Mill showing off her Olive shirt


Olive Trees

Me & Sue

Fresh Olives

I finally received the book “Sorry I Pooped In Your Shoe” by Jeremy Greenberg. He sent me a signed copy. Ozzy looks awesome in it.

Ozzy Inside!

Ozzy is featured twice!



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