Catching Up The Posts.


Riparian Preserve


Superstition Mountains in the background. Riparian Preserve in the foreground, where we went walking with the dogs.


Dogue De Bordeaux in back of truck. First of all I don’t believe in putting dogs in the back of open vehicles. Crazy stupid. Second of all, it was hot enough that this dog was panting extensively. It’s a bully type breed and they have a tough time in hot weather, where other breeds wouldn’t even be panting. I loved the dog. She was beautiful. The owner said she was used to riding in the back of his work truck and she was used to the heat. I think he’s an idiot.


Rainbow on Ray Road right near the Cosmo Dog Park. Coming home from Diane’s house. See the rain drops on the windshield? That was the extent of it. Mostly high wind, and these beautiful clouds.


Cool clouds just before a storm. Mostly wind and pretty clouds, with few drops of rain.


The birds make all kinds of cackling singing noises which is funny. Here at Bergie’s Coffee Shop in Downtown Gilbert, the birds were everywhere and we felt surrounded.


Diane at San Tan Brewery.


Diane, Alex and Kirsten. They came to visit for ten days. We were at San Tan Brewery. I also had my friend Pam (A new friend I met at the lesbian meet-ups at the community center) meet us there. They all liked her. She is such a nice person.


We were at Costco on a day before Halloween. Arizonians are really into dressing up for Halloween. This guy dressed as a Minion.


Took Ozzy to The Coffee Shop, ran in to get a coffee. Tied him to the chair. He laid down, like a good boy and started sunbathing. Such a wonderful dog!


Old-school Kawasaki Motorcycle seen at The Coffee Shop.


Punch Bug-white, seen at The Coffee Shop.


While picking up my lunch at The Coffee Shop, which is right next to Joe’s Farm Grill, and almost 3/4 of a mile from me, I see various cool vehicles. This is one of them.


GI Joe will protect you while you take a shit at Joe’s Farm Grill!


Joe Johnston, the owner of Joe’s Farm Grill has a wonderful sense of humor (and design). He has Barbie, GI Joe and Ken dolls in the bathrooms. So funny.


Diane and Cuz Caryn. We had fun going to Liberty Market for breakfast, Joe’s Farm Grill for lunch and various other activities.


Cousin Caryn visits us. She has decided pretty much to move here. She hates Connecticut and the winter. She can transfer if she wants. The only thing keeping her in Connecticut is her nephew, and she has a condo she’d need to sell or rent. I warned her about the summer being so hot, and she said she’d be working all day in air conditioning; not a problem. (Hahahahahaha!)


There are some very cool vehicles that are allowed to use the roadways here. I see people riding horseback on the canal trails too. Lots of bikers, scooter riders and bicyclists. So many people out and about, especially in winter. Not so much in summer but the die-hard Arizonians do come out in the morning and night for their dog walking, (like me), and exercising, (not me. LOL!)


I totally lucked out with this picture of a little girl pulling her dog toy at Costco. I think it’s one of my favorite shots using the iPhone and Instagram.


Downtown Gilbert reminds me of the old west, and it is. Down this main drag in those buildings is The Art Intersection where I hired one of the woman for a one-to-one darkroom session in black and white 120 and 35mm films. The 35mm was very easy as I remembered it. The 120 film was a royal pain in the ass to mount on the reel, and I ended up letting the instructor do it. Even with her doing this for a while, she had difficulty too. LOL! We had fun otherwise.


Downtown Gilbert at Joe’s BBQ place. We had a birthday party for Jacob (Dominic’s nineteen year old grandson) there. Their BBQ and sides are fattening as hell, but it’s all locally made, homemade and totally delicious. I had the chicken, of course, as I don’t eat beef or pork.


Vacant lot below where Mint Homes was supposed to continue the home building, but instead, they sold the land and now some new builder will be building rentals. We are not happy about this.


So that’s it for now. Most of these were taken with my iPhone as it’s easy to post from the phone. I actually uploaded all the pictures, then wrote the text from computer. WordPress is pretty cool.


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