Utah Visit

My best friend Mona moved to Utah a year ago. I visited with my sister Diane. We drove for 10 hours and saw parts of Arizona and Utah landscape. Exhausting drive, but glad I did it. It was an adventure! Diane and I enjoyed our stay with Mona and we thank her for having us there. Then I flew out and visited her as well. Such a quick flight.  I would do it more often but I don’t want to leave my dog with a boarder or make my sister watch him. Anyway, I love it there. It’s beautiful. Here are some shots from when Diane and I visited. The second visit will be forthcoming.



Gilbert Farmer’s Market

So, I went to the Gilbert Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning. It was very busy and many people had their dogs with them. It was absolutely gorgeous out and after the few shots I took, I headed to Bergie’s Coffee for an espresso. That’s right, an espresso. I did add a bit of sugar to it. No cream though. There were a lot of vendors there. I loved going and am going to go again. I actually want to check out Chandler’s which is done on a late weekday afternoon.

South Mountain

My sisters and I went to South Mountain. We drove up. Maybe one day I can hike it.

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SouthHorse2tif SouthHorse3 SouthHorse5tif SouthPeople7 SouthPeople8 SueDiane SM1 Rocks

Extra shots. Crazy clown courtesy of the neighbor’s house. Some shots at Sue’s house. I think the Gargoyle looks like Ozzy. Picture of my Mom as a child with Poppy in background.


Diego. Sue’s next door neighbor dressed as a clown. A reason to move right there.DogsOz Gargoyle2 MaPoppy BusYellow Clouds PalmSky CoffeeShpABW

More Polaroids: SX70 and Polaroid Land Camer 100

IMG_6346 IMG_6347 IMG_6350 IMG_6365 IMG_6368 IMG_6370 IMG_6372 IMG_6373 IMG_6403 2 IMG_6426 IMG_6464 IMG_6471 IMG_6408 IMG_6409 IMG_6461 IMG_6434 IMG_6427 IMG_6430 IMG_6430 IMG_6429 IMG_6428


These are wicked old, but I add them anyway. Not about Arizona, but I don’t care.



I have been using a Polaroid SX 70 camera with The Impossible Films and a Polaroid 100 Land Camera with Fuji film packs. It’s a blast, though a tad expensive.




“Tell my Co that I am trapped in a porcelain prison at Joe’s Farm Grill. Send Back-up. Need assistance to escape!”

iPhone 4


JP Pancake

We all met for breakfast at JP Pancake in Gilbert, Arizona. I had the gluten-free pancakes. Very good, still got tired from the carbs. Diane, Sue, Dominic, Scott, Rebeccah, Jacob, and Grace all meet up with Devin who is visiting from Connecticut. I like the owners of JP Pancake. Their food is good too. It was a nice breakfast. Devin is so happy to be in Arizona. He got in yesterday, but had a terrible Ocular migraine due to the flight. He’s never flown before and was in excruciating pain. I’ve had those migraines and they suck! It’s like a slow wave of blood pain surging into your head an eyeball, coupled with flashes of light. Devin feels so much better today. Unfortunately, he brought the storms with him and it’s monsoons galore. They were going to drive out to Canyon Lake just to show Devin the desert scenery, but I think it would be crazy dangerous to ride those switchback roads in this weather. Maybe I’m wrong. Never been there so, I can’t really be positive. Diane & Dominic have gone and the roads are crazy.


IMG_6458 IMG_6457 IMG_6456 IMG_6455 IMG_6454

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